Monday, February 2, 2009

Gary's Proposal to Beth

I can't take credit for these photos. Adam got to take them since I was already booked.
Gary was planning on proposing to Beth and wanted pictures of it all. So we came up with a plan for Adam to hide on the beach at a specific location in a kiddy beach tent with the side cut out for a massive camera lens. Beth had no idea and as you will see, everything went great!
We also must thank my Aunt Kim for letting us borrow her excellent equipment!!!! Thank you so much!!!
Gary had an amazing weekend planned full of surprises for Beth. This also involved me and a co-worker of Gary's "breaking in" to Beth's apartment and leaving roses and such all over the place so when she got home, there was one more touch to a perfect weekend.


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  2. Awesome engagement shots! Adam captured it beautifully and I'm sure the couple will treasure those pictures forever.

    I'm diggin' you page! And........your Aunt Kim is really something', isn't she?!

  3. Your blog looks really good. I'm loving the pictures!! I will be looking for more. Love you bunches!! Aunt Kim