Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So, I have been a bad blogger, and I have not posted anything in a while. This is due to the fact that I haven't taken anything worthwhile in a few weeks. BUT! Adam and I will be taking Engagement Photos of Katie and Doug this weekend! Very excited about that. Katie works with Adam and she is so great! Doug proposed to her the same weekend Gary and Beth got engaged.
Hopefully I will get a chance to post their weekend shoot on Monday.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where has my camera been?

Here is the contest, pick what location goes with what photo.
This was hard to pick which photos to use. There were so many more I wanted to add, but I held back, maybe not enough though. The contest ends Monday at 5 PM! Good Luck! Make sure you leave your name so I know who wins.
Here are the locations.
1. Philips Inlet, FL
2. Shell Island
3. Big Bear, CA
4. Washington D.C.
5. Miracle Strip Amusement Park
6. Trunk Bay, USVI
7. Panama City Beach, FL
8. Port Elizabeth, South Africa
9. Madison, WI
10. Savanah, GA
11. Seaside, FL
12. Rosemary Beach, FL
13. Tallahassee, FL
14. Point Loma, CA
15. Camp Helen State Park, FL





Gaming Fever

Okay! I have been filling every spare moment of Ellen's blog contest. I think I have them all figured out, with the exception of one. I am going to post it tonight. Along the way, a contest idea has come to my attention. I have had so much fun doing this, that I want give others the chance to have some fun. Stay tuned. Hopefully I will get the contest up tonight.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Gary's Proposal to Beth

I can't take credit for these photos. Adam got to take them since I was already booked.
Gary was planning on proposing to Beth and wanted pictures of it all. So we came up with a plan for Adam to hide on the beach at a specific location in a kiddy beach tent with the side cut out for a massive camera lens. Beth had no idea and as you will see, everything went great!
We also must thank my Aunt Kim for letting us borrow her excellent equipment!!!! Thank you so much!!!
Gary had an amazing weekend planned full of surprises for Beth. This also involved me and a co-worker of Gary's "breaking in" to Beth's apartment and leaving roses and such all over the place so when she got home, there was one more touch to a perfect weekend.

Courtney and Jake's Christmas Card

Courtney is my super stylist. She does such a great job with my hair and keeping me smiling the whole time at the salon. She has a wonderful smile and a great heart.

Courtney asked me to take some photos of her and Jake for their Christmas Card. I was delighted since she seemed like a perfect subject, sweet and easy to make her laugh. Jake is a such a great guy, and put up with all my goofy ideas.

Thank you Courtney and Jake for giving me, Adam and Jane a fun evening at the beach!

Gary and Beth Engagement Photos

Gary and Beth! What a great couple. Gary proposed on Dec 6, 2008 and their wedding will be Oct 10, 2009. Beth already has her wedding planned in 6 weeks! They chose Adam (my husband) and me to take their proposal and engagement photos. And I am sure we will be taking several more before Oct comes.

This was a very cold and windy day. Beth was a good sport with her short sleeve shirt and her hair going all over the place. The water and sky were breathtaking, and we had a great time.


There have been so many people who asked if I had a blog or site. I would feel this tinge of guilt and look down and say, "no".
The goal now is when people view it, if they view it, that the blog has been updated in the past six weeks! ha ha