Monday, February 2, 2009


There have been so many people who asked if I had a blog or site. I would feel this tinge of guilt and look down and say, "no".
The goal now is when people view it, if they view it, that the blog has been updated in the past six weeks! ha ha


  1. Leah..I love this. The pictures will tell a wonderful story for years to come. Tell Adam he did a great job. What a great friend he is to Gary and he to Adam. You are so talented and I always love to view your pictures. Hope you can get some good pics of Daniel and I when we come down...See if you can find a good location. Can't wait to see what is added to your site in the future...Love you, Anealia

  2. Leah, As usual the pictures are fantastic! Really beautiful! I of cousre love the one I see of the three of you. I'm looking @ it while I comment. It took awhile for me to finally get in here and view. Sorry I'm slow! Hope to C-ya Soon! Love you all, Mom