Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More of Jane!

This is Jane playing at one of her favorite spots, the showers at the beach! She is doing the sign for "Again". This has recently become one of her most used signs! Again, Again, Again...
We went to the Florida Botanical Gardens this past weekend it was so peaceful. And I got to be within 10 feet of a wild alligator. Nothing between him and me, but the camera, and 10 feet.

Jane loved picking up all the flowers!

You might notice that Jane isn't doing the sign for Again in this shot. I think if she knew the sign for "get this over with woman," she would have been doing it right then!
These pictures are some of my favorite of all time. Jane was so happy playing in the water with her Daddy, and he was all smiles too! I guess this is Jane surfing the big FL waves! She never wiped out either! She sure is our little water baby!! He was teaching her to "kick, kick, kick" while riding the waves!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This Saturday I have the honor of photographing the Baptism of Christopher Stanislavose Daniel in Tarpon Springs, FL. So... Hopefully I will get the pictures up soon! His Mother, Breezy, let me know that there will be over 400 people there! Can't wait to show the pictures!