Sunday, March 8, 2009

Katie and Doug got engaged a few months ago, and they asked me and Adam to shoot their engagement photos for the Save the Date cards. Katie works with Adam at the Residency Program, and Doug is an attorney in Tampa. They are HUGE Gator fans and are a blast to hang out with. We are so honored to be part of their engagement! Thanks Katie and Doug!!!

This shot with Katie's engagement ring took some trust on her part! She has only taken this ring of 3 times since Doug put it on in New York. I think Katie was about 4 inches away watching it very closely. Can't blame her, it is a beautiful ring, and has been in the family for 3 generations!

Congratulations Katie and Doug!


  1. I love these!! Great job!!

  2. Too cute! I like them even better with the black background around them. It really makes them pop!